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 Teresa Pennington: Artist of the Blue Ridge Saint Nicholas: Teresa's drawings

Saint Nicholas Series
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St. Nicholas 2013

Jesus Loves the Children of the World

The story: Santa is reading the Christmas Story from the Bible to the children of the world.

"Jesus Loves the Children of the World" may be purchased as-is, or we can print your family photographs in the frames on the mantel.

You can send the photos through email or US Postal Service. Photo replacement is available on the 8x11, 12x17 and the 18x23 prints only.

This image is also available in puzzles, ornaments, trivets, coasters, and cards.

Paper Giclee: 6 by 8 $20

Paper Giclee: 8 by 11 $35

Paper Giclee: 12 by 17 $95

Paper Giclee: 18 by 23 $160

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