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 Teresa Pennington: Artist of the Blue Ridge New Releases:

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"Gateway Arch"

The board of directors for the Downtown Waynesville Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1986, decided to give a legacy gift to the town, a new steel arch spanning three lanes of traffic to be installed near the police department. The cost for the arch is $174,000, plus $10,000 for drilling and installation. DWA has $60,000 so we must raise $125,000. and we only have four months to do it.

The print will help raise that money. Printed from an original colored pencil drawing, the large prints are

$150.00 each, unframed. The entire amount goes to the arch fund.

Sizes and prices are below.

Framed prices are discounted for this project.

Large 11x22 Unframed $150.00

Medium 9x16.5 Unframed $75.00

Small 6x11 Unframed $35.00

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